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The 10 most popular Easter desserts and sweets in Spain

The Easter desserts and sweets they are an essential part of the festivities, and each region of Spain has its own specialties. During this time of year, the Spanish gather with family and friends to celebrate and enjoy food and drink.

Each traditional Easter sweet it has its own history and cultural significance. For example, some candies are known for their unique shape or flavor, while others are directly related to history and religion. Also, many families have their own unique recipes and traditions for making sweets during Holy Week. With so many variations and options, the choice of what sweets to make can be overwhelming.

That is why today we have compiled a list of the 10 most popular sweets in Spain during Holy Week and Easter. I hope you enjoy these recipes and are encouraged to try them in your own home to celebrate these days in a delicious and authentic way. Let’s get started!

French toast

traditional Easter torrijas

The homemade French toast are one of the most popular Easter sweets in Spain. It is a very easy dessert to make that is made with stale bread, milk, egg, oil and sugar.

In Pequerecetas we have the recipe for both milk French toastperhaps the most popular, as well as others that we also recommend you try, such as the French toast with honeythe wine French toastwaves French toast with condensed milkand we also teach you how to do special brioche bread for French toast.

Easter sweets

Homemade French toast with milk recipe

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Traditional Easter Torrijas (the BEST recipe)

French toast with honey

In PequeRecipes

Torrijas with honey

condensed milk French toast with sliced ​​bread

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Condensed milk French toast with sliced ​​bread or brioche

But the thing does not end here, because if you want to prepare them in a healthier and less caloric way, we also teach you how to make them. baked French toast waves French toast in air fryer.

Easter sweets

baked French toast recipe

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How to make baked French toast

Juicy French toast in air fryer

In PequeRecipes

Torrijas in air fryer

And if you are vegan or have any food allergies we have a version of vegan French toast without eggs or milk:

Easter sweets

vegan torrijas without eggs and without milk

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Vegan French toast without eggs and milk (easy baked recipe)

Easter monkey

Easter monkey

The Easter monkey It is a typical Easter sweet in some regions of Spain, especially in Catalonia and Valencia. It is a cake made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter and yeast that is decorated with colored boiled eggs and chocolate figures.

In Pequerecetas we explain step by step how to make them with fun figures that children will love:

Easter sweets

Easter cake recipe

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Mona de Pascua (traditional recipe)

Cauresma fritters

Lenten fritters or Easter fritters

The fritters They are a delicious ball-shaped fried dough. They can be done in various ways, but the most popular are Fritters, which can be filled with cream or chocolate. At this time, however, Lenten fritters are more traditional, with subtle differences that we explain here:

Easter sweets

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Homemade Lenten fritters (typical Easter recipe)

how to make wind fritters recipe

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Wind fritters (traditional recipe)

Easter donuts

Easter donuts

Within the universe of donuts in Spain we are specialists: Anis donuts; Orange roscos; Galician Carnival donuts,… but at this time the Easter fried donutsof which we leave you the recipe below:

Easter sweets

roscos de semana santa recipe

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Easter fried donuts (traditional recipe)

Anis donuts

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Homemade anise donuts (grandma’s traditional recipe)

fried milk

fried milk traditional recipe

The fried milk It is a very typical dessert of Holy Week in the north of Spain. This delicious dough is made with milk, flour, sugar, cinnamon and lemon. It is fried and sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon. Its texture is creamy and its flavor is irresistible. Look here the recipe:

Easter sweets

how to make fried milk

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How to make fried milk (grandma’s traditional recipe)

Andalusian pestiños

homemade pestiños Andalusian recipe

The pestiños They are another of the sweets that cannot be missing on these dates. This typical Andalusian dessert is prepared with flour, oil, honey, sesame seeds and aniseed. Its flavor is very sweet and its texture is crunchy. Here we leave you two versions of the recipe, the pestiños with honey or sugaryou choose:

Easter sweets

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How to make homemade pestiños with honey or sugar

Valencian pancake

pancake recipe

He panquemao, also known as panquemado, toña, panou… is a traditional sweet brioche for Easter in the Valencian Community. The mass of panquemao and the one of the Easter monkey It is the same and they share ingredients, the only difference is that the mona can be shaped like an animal, and has a boiled or chocolate egg as a decoration, while the panquemado is shaped like bread. Here we leave you the traditional recipe step by step:

Easter recipes

panquemao or Valencian panquemado

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Panquemado or Valencian Panquemao (traditional Easter recipe)

fried flowers

fried flowers recipe

Holy Week in Spain is a time full of traditions and customs, and one of the sweetest are the fried flowersalso known as Carnival flowers, although they are consumed both during Carnival and Easter. This delicious dessert is a specialty enjoyed in many regions of the country during this time of year, and is made with a soft, crunchy dough that is deep-fried and dusted with icing sugar.

We leave you the recipe step by step so that you can make them at home:

Traditional Easter recipe

Manchegas carnival flowers recipe

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How to make Carnival and Easter Flowers (traditional recipe)

Málaga drunkards

homemade borrachuelos from Malaga

The Malaga drunkards They are a typical Easter and Christmas sweet consisting of dumplings stuffed with angel hair or cider candy. They are fried and coated in sugar, and are usually eaten in the afternoon with coffee or hot cocoa. Here we explain the recipe step by step:

Easter sweets

Málaga borrachuelos recipe

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Borrachuelos from Malaga (traditional sweet recipe)

Rubiols or Robiols

rubiols Easter Mallorca recipe

The rubiols or robiolsare small traditional Easter empanadas, filled with sweet or salty that have become one of the most popular delicacies in the region.

Easter recipe

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Rubiols or Robiols Mallorcan sweets (traditional recipe)

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