What you need to know about the new military aircraft

The U.S. military is planning to scrap thousands of old military airplanes.The Department of Defense announced Wednesday it will begin the process of removing the “vast majority” of the old aircraft parts in service since the 1970s, according to the U.K.’s Guardian newspaper.The move follows months of criticism from the public over the cost ofRead More

How to buy scrap aircraft engines

In a bid to reduce their emissions, some of the world’s biggest aircraft makers have turned to scrap aircraft engine parts to make their planes more fuel efficient.But is the effort worth it?We take a look at the latest news on the industry and how it’s working.1 / 2 How to get started: Here’s aRead More

Why the Air Force Should Abandon Its Warplane Program

A former F-35 pilot who flew one of the planes in the Air National Guard’s warplane program is now criticizing the military for scrapping its fighter jet program, citing a lack of funding and concerns over a lack a replacement aircraft.“The F-22 program is in a really bad spot,” Mike Davis told National Review Online.“It’sRead More

When the TSA wants to keep you in your seat

Posted February 15, 2020 09:24:06 TSA has decided to go with an alternate method of dealing with passengers with dislocated shoulder joints.“Our current solution is to place a piece of equipment in front of the shoulder to help prevent shoulder joint dislocations,” a TSA spokesperson said in a statement.But there’s one problem: that piece ofRead More

When is a scraper worth scrapping?

What’s a scrapper?Is it an aircraft parts bin?A scrap metal dealer?A used-car lot?A garage sale?Or maybe it’s just a piece of scrap metal that’s been lying around for a long time?A scraper is a piece used in a scrap.There’s nothing inherently special about a scrapp, as you can find scrapers all over the world, butRead More

Aircraft parts from scrappage to sale in the UK

U.K. scrap dealers have started to offer scrap to sell on the Internet.In addition to aircraft parts from scrapped planes, scrap sellers are looking for parts from other countries like parts for cars, motorcycles and trucks.Here’s a list of the parts that you can find on the market and some of the people that canRead More