Scrap Aerosystems aircraft parts sale for £4.4m to Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has agreed to buy scrap aircraft parts and components from Aeros, a South African firm.Virgin Australia said it was pleased to secure Aeros’ offer of a 5-year term of ownership of the company.The deal includes the company’s current fleet of four aircraft engines and a number of related aircraft components.“This agreement will ensureRead More

“This aircraft part is a treasure trove for collectors.”

In a recent article on the site, one reviewer, who identified himself as a “professional” collector, wrote that his collection was valued at $300,000 and “could be worth as much as $600,000.”The article also suggested that the parts could be “worth a few million.”“I have never seen such an astounding number of these aircraft parts,”Read More

How to sell a military-grade plane for $2,000

The military has found a way to turn a plane into a $2.5 million scrap aircraft part for sale, a practice that has been widely criticized as “a scam” and “the greatest waste of taxpayer dollars” that has occurred in the U.S. military’s history.The sale of the plane’s components is legal, as long as theRead More

How to get a cheap plane part on eBay – Radome

In case you were wondering how to get cheap aircraft parts on eBay, the answer is surprisingly simple.The problem is that, with the advent of digital platforms, many of these parts are easily accessible through social media, especially for those who don’t have the money for a quality service.So here is how to find aRead More