How to buy surplus planes

New Jersey officials are trying to persuade airlines to save up to $6 billion by selling surplus military aircraft parts and equipment.Air Force officials said Monday they will not approve a request for proposals from a U.S. firm to sell nearly 1,000 planes, missiles and rockets that are being stored in a Jersey warehouse.The PentagonRead More

How to save on aircraft parts, parts suppliers

I had to pay a hefty price for this part to save a few dollars at the store.The part I wanted was the part that was supposed to fit into the hole in my plane.When I got home I checked the parts online and found out it was actually a plastic part that needed toRead More

Which Airplanes do you like best?

The Reddit AMA is a chance for members of the Reddit community to discuss topics with one another in the comments section of a news article.The subreddit was founded by Redditor “Bartos” back in January of 2018 and is currently the largest and most popular subreddit on the platform.A recent AMA with the moderator ofRead More

How to save your $500 lake aircraft part

Lakecraft Parts offers a great selection of parts for your Lakecraft helicopter, but they do have a limited supply.They also offer a discount for parts that you order online and are delivered within 48 hours.We’ve found some of the best deals on parts online and found Lakecraft parts to be extremely well-made, with parts pricesRead More