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5 new aircraft parts are in the works

5 new items have been added to the list of aircraft parts that will be available for purchase in the future.As of now, you can expect the following items to be added to your inventory:Aircraft alternator and generator parts – now available for both the new A-8A and A-7E aircraftAspirator propeller and generator – nowRead More

How to find the perfect gift for your new dog

Dogs and cats enjoy a lot of outdoor fun and plenty of attention from other animals, but they also enjoy interacting with humans, too.So, what do you do when you find yourself with a pet with whom you’re not always on the same page?Here’s how to find out.1.Identify what you like: The first step inRead More

How to Find and Buy Airplane Parts in Thailand

You’re not going to find a lot of planes in Thailand but there are a few things you should know about them.Most of them are still available in the shops and the country has a long history of manufacturing them.However, there are also a few brands that are getting more and more popular.Some of themRead More

Plane parts warehouse fires in Maryland

A plane parts warehouse in western Maryland caught fire Wednesday, forcing its owners to evacuate and causing at least $50,000 in damage.Officials with the U.S. Department of Labor said the fire started inside the warehouse, which was packed with the parts for more than 2,000 aircraft.The fire, which destroyed several warehouses, is still under investigation.TheRead More