Find a new home for your junk parts

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How to buy aircraft parts online: The ultimate guide

How to get started buying aircraft parts.Read moreIt’s a daunting task.It requires a whole new set of skills and competencies.But with a little research, it can be done.Here’s everything you need to know about buying aircraft components.What to knowBefore you can start purchasing aircraft parts on eBay, you’ll need to get your hands on aRead More

How to Get Your Airplanes Parts Parts for $30 on Craigslist

Parts are flying off the assembly line for new, shiny, and rare aircraft parts that might otherwise never see the light of day.That’s right, parts are flying for less than the price of a cheap, off-the-shelf electronic device.That’s according to Aviation Week and Air & Space Technology, which released a study last week looking atRead More

How to find aircraft parts in Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the world’s most famous and valuable aircraft parts, but it also has a long history of finding parts in a desperate bid to find more planes.One of those parts is the Douglas DC-8.“It’s one of those planes that when it’s on display it really, really gets a thumbs up,”Read More

Why I Don’t Buy Cheap Parts

I have a collection of vintage aircraft, mostly in the 70’s, that I wanted to get rid of.The ones that were most expensive were the ones with the large wingtip.The wingtip is a little more complicated than the wing, but is the simplest and cheapest part to remove.The main reason I decided to get outRead More