How to stop the Easa’s from going to China

LONDON, ENGLAND—After the Esa’s brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 845 has just returned from its first trip to China, the company is currently in a difficult position.Easa, the British subsidiary of German aerospace company EADS, has been forced to cancel the flights of several Airbus A320neo jets that have been on a trip to the People’sRead More

UK’s military air force to be ‘cleaned out’ after Brexit

Air Force Minister Tom Harris has said the Royal Air Force will be “cleaned up” after Brexit.Speaking to the BBC’s Radio Ulster, Mr Harris said the Air Force would be “the first thing to go” following the referendum result, adding: “It’s the right thing to do.”The Minister made the comment after a speech at theRead More

Why you need to be ready to buy your own aircraft parts

Why you should buy your parts in the first place: Part numbers are important, but it’s the parts that count.And parts are a big part of the cost.If you’re thinking about buying your own parts, the next step is to learn how to assemble them and then buy them.For those of you who haven’t already,Read More

How to sell military aircraft to the military

A military sales company is selling old military aircraft pieces to the U.S. government.The Federal Aviation Administration says the parts company, Clark Aircraft, is one of four that have been ordered by the Department of Defense for the Air Force’s new fleet of F-35 Lightning II fighters.Clark, which also supplies aircraft parts to the NationalRead More