How the Clark Aircraft Tug Parts Win the World Championship

The Canadian Air Force’s clark tug and its American sister tug, the USS Wasp, will join the Royal Canadian Navy as part of a new class of ships with advanced air-sea defence capabilities.The new ships, which will be called the Nimitz-class destroyers, will arrive at sea in the next few weeks.The Nimitz class destroyer isRead More

How to buy spruce aircraft engines

Spruce Aircraft Engines have been the subject of controversy for decades.A common criticism is that they are prone to damage due to the use of wood or other materials.Spruce aircraft are often used for light combat and military use.The main advantage of spruce engines is their high compression ratio of up to 15%.The advantage ofRead More

How much do you need to buy a new aircraft engine?

How much does it cost to buy an engine?In some cases, the answer is more than you think.Some parts and engines can be expensive to acquire, especially for a new plane, while others are quite inexpensive.We’ve looked at some of the most expensive engines to purchase from the local parts store. Read more.

How to find aircraft parts in Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the world’s most famous and valuable aircraft parts, but it also has a long history of finding parts in a desperate bid to find more planes.One of those parts is the Douglas DC-8.“It’s one of those planes that when it’s on display it really, really gets a thumbs up,”Read More