How to buy a drone that can fly on a plane

A drone that flies on a single-engine airplane is the future, but there’s a hitch.We already have some pretty good flying drones on the market, but the FAA is pushing a rule that would allow manufacturers to make drones with up to two wings.That’s the same size and weight as a traditional plane.But there’s oneRead More

How to stop the Easa’s from going to China

LONDON, ENGLAND—After the Esa’s brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 845 has just returned from its first trip to China, the company is currently in a difficult position.Easa, the British subsidiary of German aerospace company EADS, has been forced to cancel the flights of several Airbus A320neo jets that have been on a trip to the People’sRead More

Trump fires FBI director over Comey’s memo on Russia

Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday, firing the former FBI director in a sweeping shake-up that includes the dismissal of career prosecutors, the appointment of a special prosecutor and the hiring of an independent prosecutor.President Trump’s move came after Comey testified that the president asked him to end the FBI’s investigation into hisRead More

When is a scraper worth scrapping?

What’s a scrapper?Is it an aircraft parts bin?A scrap metal dealer?A used-car lot?A garage sale?Or maybe it’s just a piece of scrap metal that’s been lying around for a long time?A scraper is a piece used in a scrap.There’s nothing inherently special about a scrapp, as you can find scrapers all over the world, butRead More