How to find the best airframe parts online for sale

The airframe part market has grown so large that it is now an “industry unto itself,” says Robert Johnson, who has spent the past few years building a database of parts suppliers.That means there is an enormous amount of overlap between different companies selling parts to different parts manufacturers.But Johnson says the market is growing,Read More

How the Dutch are using drones to hunt down pirates

In July this year, a Dutch drone was deployed on the island of Venda, which is located on the Dutch Atlantic coast.The drone used in the operation was equipped with an array of infrared sensors and cameras that could scan the surrounding area.The team of Dutch police and fishermen had been tracking a group ofRead More

Airplane Parts Fort Worth, FL, is closing its doors for good

Fort Worth’s Airplane parts store Jacksonville has shut its doors after two years of operation.The Fort Worth Business Journal reported that the store, which has been open for more than a decade, closed on February 27.The news was first reported by the website WTF News.“We’re sad to say that we are shutting down,” a spokespersonRead More

How much do you need to buy a new aircraft engine?

How much does it cost to buy an engine?In some cases, the answer is more than you think.Some parts and engines can be expensive to acquire, especially for a new plane, while others are quite inexpensive.We’ve looked at some of the most expensive engines to purchase from the local parts store. Read more.

Jetty-style runway in Dubai has ‘no life’

Dubai’s iconic airport, which boasts a large runway of about 25 metres (yards) wide, had to be closed for maintenance on Thursday, amid criticism over the city’s poor air quality.The Dubai-based Dubai Authority of Civil Aviation had to suspend all flights to and from the city amid a poor air-quality situation in the city overRead More