Which Airplanes do you like best?

The Reddit AMA is a chance for members of the Reddit community to discuss topics with one another in the comments section of a news article.The subreddit was founded by Redditor “Bartos” back in January of 2018 and is currently the largest and most popular subreddit on the platform.A recent AMA with the moderator ofRead More

How to build a flying machine

A flying machine can make an aircraft more efficient, it can cut fuel costs and it can save millions of lives.Now, researchers are hoping to build one.The flying machine is the work of a team of engineers led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the project aims to build the world’s first flying machine poweredRead More

Which parts manufacturers are in trouble and what do they need to fix?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Tuesday it is working with aerospace and manufacturing companies to address concerns that parts manufacturing and spare parts are at risk of falling into a “critical” category.The agency said it has identified several “critical areas” of concern.“While we recognize that our response is not perfect, we are committed toRead More