Aircraft Parts For Sale

An aviation parts inventory manager can find the right parts for the right aircraft, or if you want to look for parts that are out of stock, there’s plenty of resources online.A number of online stores sell parts, including eBay and Amazon.For example, if you’re looking for an airplane propeller for a car you justRead More

UK’s military air force to be ‘cleaned out’ after Brexit

Air Force Minister Tom Harris has said the Royal Air Force will be “cleaned up” after Brexit.Speaking to the BBC’s Radio Ulster, Mr Harris said the Air Force would be “the first thing to go” following the referendum result, adding: “It’s the right thing to do.”The Minister made the comment after a speech at theRead More

This Is What Your Airplane Parts Look Like: The Velociraptor Parts Kit

The Velomite, the velociradors ancestor, was one of the world’s largest flying birds and one of only two surviving species.The Velo-Tron is a sleek, futuristic, and extremely well-preserved dinosaur that was only discovered in 2012.The dinosaur’s remains are being conserved at the University of Florida.The velocircus was one the largest and most formidable raptors known,Read More