Scrap Aerosystems aircraft parts sale for £4.4m to Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia has agreed to buy scrap aircraft parts and components from Aeros, a South African firm.Virgin Australia said it was pleased to secure Aeros’ offer of a 5-year term of ownership of the company.The deal includes the company’s current fleet of four aircraft engines and a number of related aircraft components.“This agreement will ensureRead More

Which vintage aircraft parts are you looking to buy online?

I love buying vintage aircraft engines.If you’re not into it, I’d suggest looking for something that has some sort of a history of flying.But you can also go for vintage aircraft propellers, propeller mounts, and a lot more.These vintage aircraft components are often quite old, but are often considered by many to be “must-have” items.I’mRead More

What is a ‘superior’ engine?

One thing to note is that there are different types of engines that are considered to be superior, such as the Pratt & Whitney PW-16-A Super Supercharged Diesel Engine, or the Cummins Taurus C8 Supercharged Engine.So there is a wide variety of engines out there that are powered by different types.Another thing to be awareRead More

How to choose the right aircraft part number for your aircraft

The Aircraft Parts Industry Association (APSIA) said the country is seeing an increasing demand for aircraft parts that are certified and compliant with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in the form of ANA or CAA, or certified and approved.The association has said it expects demand for the ANA parts toRead More

How the Dutch are using drones to hunt down pirates

In July this year, a Dutch drone was deployed on the island of Venda, which is located on the Dutch Atlantic coast.The drone used in the operation was equipped with an array of infrared sensors and cameras that could scan the surrounding area.The team of Dutch police and fishermen had been tracking a group ofRead More

New helicopter parts supplier announces new factory in Australia

A new company has announced it will build parts for Australian helicopter engines, engines for Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) aircraft and aircraft for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN).Key points:The company, which is part of a global aerospace group, will build engines and parts for the RAAF and RANAnaerosystems has already delivered engines to theRead More

How to replace the battery in an aircraft wing

The plane’s battery is the last piece of technology on a single wing, and it’s no good if the battery dies before the plane is ready to fly.So why not replace the batteries on an aircraft’s wing, as many manufacturers have done in the past?In the past, these batteries have typically been used to helpRead More