A review of a magnesium alloy plane parts supplier

By Steve Lewis and David BroughtonA review of the supplier of magnesium alloy planes and parts for military aircraft.Magnesium alloy aircraft and parts supply company Airfix said on Friday that it has taken steps to stop the spread of the disease in its supply chain.“We have a very robust compliance programme with the WHO andRead More

How to avoid buying used aircraft parts

A recent Australian Financial Report reveals a surprising lack of confidence in the sector, and an even greater need for the government to step in to address the industry’s problems.While the Government may not be able to provide the answers, the answers are there, and the Government is starting to act. This report provides an overviewRead More

How to scrap parts for £100,000-worth of U.K. aircraft

The U.S. military is buying hundreds of thousands of parts to build its new fighter jets and bombers, a rare chance to buy parts from an arms manufacturer and a rare opportunity to buy the same parts that U.N. peacekeepers are using for their own vehicles, the U.KS. military said Tuesday.The U.k.Ministry of Defence saidRead More

How to build a flying machine

A flying machine can make an aircraft more efficient, it can cut fuel costs and it can save millions of lives.Now, researchers are hoping to build one.The flying machine is the work of a team of engineers led by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the project aims to build the world’s first flying machine poweredRead More

How to manage your aircraft parts inventory

As the skies get increasingly crowded and the skies become ever more crowded with aircraft parts, it’s important to manage the aircraft parts of your aircraft in a timely manner.To manage your part inventory, you need to: check the status of the parts and the aircraft components you have available to sell or trade