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quick lemon cream

lemon curd recipe

It’s delicious Lemon cream it is so quick to make that it takes much longer to write the recipe. Best of all, children will love it, it really is impossible to stop eating it, and it is full of vitamin CIn addition to being a great source of calciumsince it is made with yoghurt and condensed milk.

It is ideal as a special dessert, but it can also be served in child partiesserved, for example, inside the skin of half a lemon, as an ice cream.

As it is more good it is very cold. Do you dare to prepare it and tell us?

Lemon cream recipe


  • 1 small can of condensed milk (400 g)
  • 4 lemon yogurts
  • The juice squeezed out of 2 beautiful lemons

How to make lemon cream with condensed milk

  • Mix all the ingredients by beating them well by hand or with an electric mixer for a few seconds
  • We put in the fridge to refrigerate.
lemon cream with condensed milk

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