How to Survive a Plane Crash

The next time a plane comes in, be prepared for a lot of chaos.The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) estimates that at least a third of all commercial airline flights have crashed since 2009.The FAA has put the number at about half. The first thing you need to know about aviation safety is that there areRead More

AOPA aircraft parts database opens to public

AOPA has announced it will begin releasing a publicly accessible database of aircraft parts and components to its members.The database is called Aircraft Instrument Parts, or AIP.AIP will provide access to information about parts and assemblies that may be used in aircraft, including propellers, landing gear, wings, and fuselages.Part numbers, manufacturer information, and more willRead More

Lockheed Martin to acquire $1 billion in Air Force aircraft parts parts manufacturing company

Lockheed Martin will acquire $734 million in Air Guard aircraft parts manufacturing equipment and services from Raytheon, Lockheed Martin said in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.Lockheed Martin, a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing, will acquire the Air Force’s Pratt & Whitney F-35A aircraft engines, the aircraft’s flight controls, and aRead More

How to buy surplus planes

New Jersey officials are trying to persuade airlines to save up to $6 billion by selling surplus military aircraft parts and equipment.Air Force officials said Monday they will not approve a request for proposals from a U.S. firm to sell nearly 1,000 planes, missiles and rockets that are being stored in a Jersey warehouse.The PentagonRead More

How to find the right aircraft parts for your car

The Ford Mustang has become an icon of American sportscars for decades.But now it’s getting its own brand.Ford announced on Wednesday that it will begin selling its popular Mustang, the Mustang GT, on its website and through select Ford dealers.The GT will come with a limited edition Ford logo on the rear bumper.Ford will alsoRead More

How to get an iPhone X without a carrier contract

By now, you know about the carrier-free iPhone X and the rumored $1,000 price tag.Now it seems that there is some good news as well.A Reddit user who goes by the name “Zak_S” is selling a model that he claims is a “true iPhone X.”Zak_s has posted a video showing the phone for sale onRead More

How the Clark Aircraft Tug Parts Win the World Championship

The Canadian Air Force’s clark tug and its American sister tug, the USS Wasp, will join the Royal Canadian Navy as part of a new class of ships with advanced air-sea defence capabilities.The new ships, which will be called the Nimitz-class destroyers, will arrive at sea in the next few weeks.The Nimitz class destroyer isRead More

How to find the absolute aircraft parts price ppt

The absolute aircraft part price ppl is quite expensive, especially if you are going to have some of these things.The basic parts of an aircraft are quite simple, so it would be a lot easier if you had some basic parts.The aircraft parts that are available are very limited, but you can get a goodRead More