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May weekly menu (eating well is easy)

In the blink of an eye we have reached May, with spring fully installed, sunny days with pleasant temperatures, various delicious vegetables in season, and all this is reflected in ourfamily menu.

As always we prepare the menu in a balanced way, to be able to organize time and purchase and simplify our lives by eating well.

How to print the weekly menu

Family weekly menu template

You can download the menu in the two links below. The first is for mobile phones, and the second in case you are on a computer or laptop and want to directly access the recipes by clicking on them.

  • Download the menu for TABLETS AND MOBILE MOBILE
  • Download the weekly menu for desktop computers
  • Download the BLANK weekly menu template

As always we includehomemade and easy dishesbut if you are interested in designing your own menu, you can also download ourblank weekly menu template hereand so you can adapt the meals to your needs, helping you with our ideas and all the suggestions that we will give you these days from our social networks:Facebook,pinterestandinstagram.

If you are viewing the menu from a mobile or tablet remember thatTo search for them you can use our search engine. If you do it from Google or another search engine, just put the word Pequerecetas in front of the recipe you are looking for, for example: “Small artichoke omelette recipes

If due to lack of time you need to cook one day to eat several, we recommend our article onBatch Cookingwith many tips to organize lunches and dinners by cooking in batches.

Batch Cooking (recipes to cook one day and eat several)

How to organize the weekly menu

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The menus are designed for the whole family but if your children are very young,It is convenient that they have already included all kinds of food in their diet. In some cases, the recipes may contain alcohol, keep in mind that it does not completely evaporate during cooking, a small part remains. Therefore, if you want to completely avoid the use of alcohol for cooking, you can either replace it in most cases with water or broth, or you can directly replace the recipe with another.

We always suggest recipes with seasonal foods, because it is a more sustainable way of eating from an environmental and economic point of view.Among the April vegetables that we have included in the menu are the following recipes:

  • CHARD: chard omelette with ham; Swiss chard with potatoes; chard with béchamel;
  • ARTICHOKE: Artichokes with ham; Artichokes Cream; Artichokes Omelet; Roman style artichokes;
  • ASPARAGUS: asparagus with ham; asparagus cream; asparagus in filo pastry;
  • PEAS:Pea cream; peas with ham; Vegetable Pie; potato salad with tuna and peas; hake in green sauce;
  • CARROT:carrot croquettes; mashed carrots;
  • BROAD BEANS: beans with ham; Catalonian broad bean;
  • STRAWBERRIES: pickled strawberries; Cheesecake And Strawberries; strawberry petit; Strawberry gazpacho;

We always prepare our menu taking into account thenutrition pyramidwhich suggests these recommended weekly servings of each type of food:

  • Fish 3-4 servings per week
  • Meat 2-3 servings per week (1 single serving of red meat)
  • Legumes 2-3 weekly servings
  • Carbohydrates 1-2 daily servings, depending on the level of energy consumption (pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and other cereals)
  • Vegetables 2 daily servings
  • Fruit 3 or more daily servings
  • Dairy 2 to 4 daily servings

That is why we suggest that if you want to modify the menu to adapt it to your tastes, you do so by replacing the dishes with another with similar nutritional characteristics:fishfor fish,legumesfor legumes, etc.

And speaking of legumes, with the rise in temperatures we are leaving stews behind to include them with fresher recipes, especially delicious salads. For each legume we have several recipes that you can see below:


We also include some recipes with less conventional legumes, such as textured soybeans and the edamame.

Finally remind you that the basis of a healthy life, along with a good diet, is physical exercise. It is not necessary to be super sportsmen, a daily walk or a bike ride are enough to keep us in good health.

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