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How to make homemade apple jam (EASY and quick recipe)

Today we are going to teach you how to make a delicious homemade apple jamthat we are sure that when you try it you will like it so much that you will repeat the recipe.

Many times we do not dare to prepare at home homemade jam because we think that, although its elaboration is not too complicated, a lot of time is lost in it. With this homemade apple and cinnamon jam You will no longer have excuses because it is prepared in only 15 minutes!

For any breakfast or snack, this jam has the right balance between acidity and sweetness and as we always say… nothing like the taste of what we make at home!

The homemade apple and cinnamon jam It is healthier and we can adapt it to the tastes of the family, with or without pieces of fruit, with more or less sugar. At home we don’t like excessively sweet preparations, but this recipe admits more sugar if you feel like it. Everything is to try and surely if you like cooking, you will become fond of preparing homemade jams.

Apple jam recipe


For a jar of approximately 350 g

  • 5 Red Delicious apples
  • 3 tangerines (juice and pulp)
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 200g of sugar

How to make homemade apple and cinnamon jam

  • The first thing we will do is wash the apples well and peel them; We remove the centers and seeds and reserve.
  • Cut the apples into cubes and place them in a pot together with the sugar and cinnamon and add the juice and pulp of the tangerines (seedless).
  • We take the apple centers and seeds that we had reserved and place them inside a sterilized gauze, tie well (as if making a small package) and add to the pot with the rest of the ingredients. During cooking, the gauze with the seeds will eliminate the pectin and help our jam take consistency.
Homemade apple jam recipe
  • We take to the fire and cook until all the liquid is reduced. In my case it took about 15 minutes, but it depends on the water released by the fruit.
  • Remove the gauze and process the preparation to obtain a smoother texture.
how to make homemade apple jam recipe

How to preserve apple jam

how to sterilize jars for jams or preserves
  • We pack in sterilized jars while still hot.
  • If you have doubts about this step, follow these Tips for preparing homemade preservesthat we already saw here in little recipes.

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did you like this homemade apple jam? I encourage you to prepare it at home, it is a super quick and tasty recipe!

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