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How to cook en papillote (technique for cooking in a light and healthy way)

Hepapilloteor papillot is a cooking technique that unites the advantages ofsteam cookingand baking, and it is very useful for preparing healthy and aromatic dishes, especially fish. Today we will have a new lessoneasy cooking: cooking en papillotean easy and fast way to cook.

Do you want to discover with us the secrets tocook en papillote?

What is the papillote?

The Papillot or papillote It is a cooking technique that consists of cooking food wrapped in a heat-resistant material, such as parchment paper (parchment paper). As we told you at the beginning, this technique combines the advantages of steam cooking with baking, and, like the first, it allows the nutritional substances of food to be preserved, enhancing its flavors and perfumes. You can cook almost anything inpapillote: meat, fish, vegetables, etc., and also this technique ofEasy cookIt is especially indicated for hypocaloric diets because it allows cooking adding little fat.

HepapilloteIt is widely used to cook fish, and as an example of this you have theHake in Papillote and the salmon en foilthat we taught you to prepare a while ago.

With what materials can you cook en papillote?

HepapilloteIt can be made with different materials: the most common are baking paper, also called parchment paper, or aluminum foil, although the latter is less recommended because breaking during cooking can leave traces of aluminum on the food, and although in small quantities it is not harmful to health, it is also a substance that is better not to ingest. Another good option iscracker‟vegetables”, that is, made with the leaves of some vegetables or plants, such as cabbage, figs or bananas. Reusable silicone papillotes are now commercially available, but they are clearly less economical.

How to prepare the papillote

The shape that we will give topapilloteIt depends a lot on the food that we are going to cook, since basically it is about wrapping it completely. It can be wrapped as a gift, a kind of bag can be made, etc. The important thing is that the vapors generated during cooking and the juices from the food do not completely escape from the packaging.

The basic procedure is as follows:

  • Cut a piece of baking paper (or the material that you are going to use) much larger than the food that you should wrap, as if it were a gift. Grease it with some fat, such as butter or oil.
  • place the foodfor example, fish or chicken, in the center, season with the seasonings and/or vegetables that you prefer (onion, celery, carrot, etc.), and add if you wish, or if necessary, lemon juice, oil , butter, etc
step by step chicken with potatoes en papillote
  • Close the package as if it were a gift, first folding the long sides over each other, and then closing the short sides by folding them up. To be sure that the package will not open during cooking, we can tie it with a bit of twine suitable for the oven. If the food that you have to cook is more bulky, or is in pieces, it is advisable to prepare the package by lifting all the edges up and shirring them together, as if we were wrapping an Easter egg. Also in this case we tie with thread so that it does not open.
  • When we have the package(s) well prepared, we put them on a baking tray and cook in a preheated oven at about 200°, unless the recipe you are preparing gives you another indication. The cooking time varies greatly from recipe to recipe, for example a hake fillet takes about 10 minutes to cook, and a whole fish almost 40. Luckily there is something that tells us that the dish is ready: when the papillote is fan, our dish is cooked.
  • It’s advisable bring the plate still wrapped to the tableto open it at the moment and that all diners can appreciate the aromas that have formed inside the papillote.
chicken en papillote recipe

I hope this little lesson has been useful to you. Easy cook about how to cook en papillote. Remember that it is a healthy way to prepare white meat, so it is highly recommended to include it in a child’s diet.

Recipes with papillote

recipes with papillote

If you want to try a recipe en papillote here we leave you some ideas both with meats (for example the chicken en papillote) as with fish (you can try the salmon en foil wave Hake in Papillote), or even with fruit. We hope you find this cooking technique useful and put it into practice!

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