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My name is Trenda Kemmerer.  On October 24, 2001, I was found guilty for a crime I did not commit, and was subsequently sentenced to 55 years in prison.   As of this date, I have lost almost 10 years of my life.  The life I once knew will be no more.  I am no longer the trusting, naive girl that I once was.  My spirit has not been crushed.  Man might have put me here, but God will open a window to gain my freedom.  I refuse to let the "time" do me.  I apply myself, set goals, achieve them, and do this time how I want to- by bettering myself and being the best person I can be.  This is my story, and I hope that after reading it, you realize that what easily happened to me, could easily happen to you or a loved one. 


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Trenda Kemmerer #1069794

2305 Ransom Road

Gatesville, TX  76528


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