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Coca cola chicken

Coca cola chicken

within the chicken recipesthere are classic recipes, such as baked chicken or garlic chickenwhich we all love, but the recipe for Coca cola chicken It’s one of the most curious we’ve ever heard… and now we’ve started making it because it’s so good! This is a very popular recipe on the web, and its success lies in its ease of preparation, and, of course, in its amazing flavor.

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Although there are many variants of this famous Coca cola chickenwe have stayed with the most elementary. Three ingredients and baked. But it can be enriched in multiple ways, such as adding vegetables chopped. In addition to baked, it can also be done on normal heat, and some even dare in the microwave.

Coca cola chicken

I assure you that if you don’t tell your diners the ingredients it contains, no one will guess it! And the taste is like a movie, slightly bittersweet and very tasty. Your children will love it!

Coca Cola Chicken Recipe


  • 1 tray of chopped chicken

  • 1 envelope of onion soup

  • 1 can of Coca Cola

How to make Chicken Coca Cola

  • We mix the ingredients

    In an oven tray, we put the chicken, we add the envelope of onion soup and the Coca Cola.

  • we bake

    Bake for 40-50 minutes at 220ºC, turning the chicken pieces halfway through cooking.

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