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6 original ways to cut a watermelon

The watermelon It can be cut in many ways, from splitting it in half and cutting large slices, to original ways to cut watermelon like the ones we are going to teach you today.

Summer is coming and this year we have proposed that the recipes with fruits become protagonists… When we saw these recipes with watermelon we loved them, and immediately we thought that if we are capable of carving a Halloween pumpkin sure to make a dessert with watermelon like these doesn’t have to be overly complicated right?

It is true that within the fruit desserts, for the watermelon it is not necessary that we make great efforts thanks to its flavor, which is a natural treat for children. In addition, if it is the striped one that comes without seeds, it makes it easier for parents to remove thousands of hidden seeds.

This type of watermelon is also ideal for preparing these delicious and refreshing summer desserts. We are going to explain how to prepare a nice hedgehog and we give you many other ideas, do you dare?

How to cut a watermelon in the shape of a hedgehog

watermelon hedgehog

Before you start cutting the watermelon

  • Hollow out the watermelon and other fruits before preparing to carve it.
  • When we remove the interior we should try to leave it in large pieces – it is easier to make balls or cubes.
  • Use a dry green marker – remove excess marker after making cuts.

Necessary materials:

  • 1 medium-large seedless watermelon
  • Cutting board
  • sharp knives
  • green marker
  • toothpicks
  • big bowl and spoon
Step by step watermelon dessert

How to cut a watermelon in the shape of a hedgehog

  • wash watermelon under cold running water and dry. Arrange the watermelon, cutting off 1/4 inch of the skin laying it flat so it sits on the bottom without rolling. Care must be taken not to cut too deep into the white part of the shell as this would allow liquid to leak out of the underside of the carving.
  • Find a point at the top of the watermelon approximately ΒΌ of the length of the watermelon. Using the green marker, from that point, draw vertical lines halfway to either side of the watermelon. Then, from both points on the sides, draw horizontal straight lines on the back of the watermelon. We use the knife to cut the lines. Remove this part entirely and set aside.
  • With a big spoon we take out the fruit of the section that we have removed and of the base. Chop the fruit into small cubes, drain and reserve.
  • Using a sharp paring knife make many small cuts to the edges of the head and body, as shown in the photo. These cuts should be small and irregular, to create the appearance of the hedgehog’s thick coat.
  • We take the peel that we have removed and we cut a triangle to make the hedgehog’s nose, which we will fix with toothpicks, first sticking them into the body of the hedgehog and finally placing the nose on them. We also put a toothpick at the tip of the triangle and place a blueberry, raisin or black grape at the end.
  • Using the rest of the bark, we cut four equal-sized rectangles for the feet. We shape them with a narrower part than the front and we also fix them with toothpicks.
  • To make them ears, draw two curved triangles on the body of the hedgehog. Carefully cut with the paring knife. Using your finger, gently push the cut shape from the inside until it is just slightly protruding, being careful not to crack or break the shell.
  • For the eyesjust place two toothpicks slightly above the nose and put a blueberry on each end.
  • Finally, replace the hollow space of the hedgehog with the watermelon cubes. Insert toothpicks into the watermelon cubes on top to create the urchin skewers.

Did you like the idea? Well, here we leave you with other ideas to prepare delicious watermelon dessert recipes.

Cut a watermelon in the shape of a boat

watermelon recipes

This watermelon boat is very easy to prepare by following the same instructions that we gave you above. Use a round ball scoop like this to hollow out the watermelon. A candle and some dolls will complete the props.

Cut a watermelon into a basket

watermelon summer dessert

What do you think of this beach bucket full of watermelon and summer fruits? It may seem complicated to prepare it but I assure you that it is not, and of course when you come out with a dessert like this they will applaud you…

How to cut a watermelon in the form of flowers

Recipes with orchard watermelon

Another very easy idea, in which you only have to use flower-shaped pasta cutters and then stick them into long toothpicks. To complete the decoration you can make a fence with some wooden sticks like those used for ice cream.

Cutting a watermelon for children in the form of a little pig

watermelon pig recipes

I love this little watermelon pig, and to decorate it all you need is imagination and some buttons. To remove the watermelon use a round ball scoop. Alternate the watermelon with pieces of melon to give it color.

How to carve a shark shaped watermelon

watermelon shark

When we have practiced with the simplest figures we can dare to carve a slightly more complicated one like this shark watermelon.

Other recipes with watermelon

If you have watermelon in the fridge and want to try other recipes with watermelonwe recommend that you try the salads with watermelona watermelon carpaccio or the Watermelon Gazpacho for food, fresh and delicious! And for dessert a watermelon ice cream or an original summer watermelon pie like the one we show you below:

Recipes with watermelon

watermelon salad recipes

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watermelon gazpacho recipe

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homemade watermelon ice cream

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summer fruit tart

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Watermelon cake with summer fruits (original and easy recipe)

Anyway, with these ideas, who can resist eating watermelon?

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