U.S. military to buy 2.5 million military-grade F-35 fighter jets, according to Pentagon official

Military sources have told CNN that the United States will purchase 2.6 million combat-proven fighter jets over the next four years to replace the aging F-22 Raptor and F-15 Eagle fighters.

The Pentagon’s acquisition office will announce the final buy order at a briefing on Thursday.

Sources tell CNN the deal includes the F-117 stealth fighter, the first production model of the JSF, the JLENS system for low-altitude air-to-air missile defense, and the Joint Strike Fighter, the new F-16 Fighting Falcon.

Sources say the total cost is in the range of $5 trillion to $5.5 trillion, with a final price tag of about $2 trillion.

The planes, which were ordered in the 1970s, are expected to be delivered in 2020.

The F-21A fighter is scheduled to be retired in 2022.

CNN is not naming the sources as the details of the deal are classified.

The U.K.-based aircraft maker Lockheed Martin has already made deals for several aircraft, including the A-10 Thunderbolt II and F/A-18 Super Hornet, but has not yet made a deal with the United State for a second batch of F-5E/F/G stealth fighters.

It is the first time that Lockheed Martin, the U.N. weapons system’s main contractor, has been involved in a major contract.

The Lockheed Martin deal was first reported by Aviation Week and Air & Space.

A Lockheed Martin spokesman said the company had no comment.

The company is also buying 10 F-18 fighter jets from Germany.

The total cost of the F/22, which is the Pentagon’s top-of-the-line fighter jet, is expected to reach $7 trillion.

That will be more than double the cost of Boeing’s F-100 Super Hornets, which are now used by the U,S.

Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps and Army.

Lockheed Martin is also developing a new fighter called the F35 Lightning II, which has been called the “biggest military acquisition ever.”