How to find the best vintage aircraft parts to buy in your local airport

Posted November 01, 2018 09:31:17The UK’s Airports Authority has announced a new initiative aimed at helping the public find the greatest value in vintage aircraft equipment.

The agency will now look at whether the public has the knowledge to buy the most modern aircraft parts and whether they are of good value to the aviation community.

A new survey will be conducted across the country, including in England, Wales and Scotland.

The survey will ask questions like:How much do you think it will cost to purchase the following aircraft parts:  aircraft parts and accessories?

 electronics and software?

And will it be possible to find this in a nearby airport?

The AIA has asked for feedback on how to best engage the public with this new initiative, and is encouraging those who would like to take part to contact the AIA’s public affairs team on 020 6277 3444.

The public can now take part by contacting the AEA at: