AOPA aircraft parts database opens to public

AOPA has announced it will begin releasing a publicly accessible database of aircraft parts and components to its members.

The database is called Aircraft Instrument Parts, or AIP.

AIP will provide access to information about parts and assemblies that may be used in aircraft, including propellers, landing gear, wings, and fuselages.

Part numbers, manufacturer information, and more will be added to the AIP database over time.

AOPA said it will not be able to provide information about aircraft parts for any reason, including for profit.

“We want to be transparent and let the world know exactly what we do, why we do it, and how it’s made,” said John Cottrell, AOPA’s executive vice president of operations.

“As an aviation and aviation-related manufacturer, we’re passionate about making the world safer, more efficient, and safer for the people who fly and operate in it.”

AOPA plans to expand the database by adding parts for aircrafts with multiple manufacturers.

The organization said it expects the AIPP database to become fully available by the end of 2018.