How the US’s most secretive spy agency spent $1.2 million on parts for a Russian fighter jet

On the same day the NSA revealed it had purchased a Russian spy plane for $3.7 million, a new report revealed the agency spent an undisclosed amount of money on parts that could be used to modify the plane.

The Associated Press reported Monday that the agency bought parts for the Russian F-16 fighter jet from a company that specializes in building aircraft parts.

The report didn’t say where the money came from, but a spokesman for the Defense Department declined to comment on the matter.

The NSA, meanwhile, declined to confirm or deny the report.

The Pentagon’s Inspector General said the agency had no comment on whether the purchase was made by the NSA.

The purchase of the F-160A was first reported by Reuters.

The NSA declined to answer questions from AP about the F16 purchase, saying only that the acquisition is a routine part of the agency’s mission.

“NSA purchases are done for a wide variety of reasons and we do not comment on individual purchases,” a spokesman said.AP contributed to this report.