The ‘aircraft engine no motion’ plane has been built by a team of designers from the UK

The British design house IKEA is now looking to the US to help create a “hovercraft engine” that can operate like a plane.

The “aircraft-engine no motion” plane, which is expected to be ready for testing next year, will be built by the team of engineers working for the UK firm, IKEABE.

The team will work with IKEAC’s own engineers on the project, according to the UK’s Telegraph.

The IKEACA team, which includes designers from Cambridge and Oxford, are set to begin work on the plane in 2019.

The plane is expected be capable of taking off vertically and landing vertically.

The researchers plan to build a prototype at IKEAS headquarters in Bristol, the Telegraph reported.

The designers say the design could be used to build other planes like hovercrafts and helicopters.

The project will be funded through the UK government’s Advanced Aviation Development Fund (AADF).

The AADF was established in 2014 to support the development of new aircraft that would help the UK remain ahead of its rivals.

IKEA, the world’s largest retailer, has been building and selling aircraft since 1851.

It began the “airplane” project in the late 1980s.

This is a new entry in the IKEAPliance family, IKEC, the company said in a statement.

The aircraft is part of IKEa’s “Airplane Innovation Program,” a partnership with the UK Aircraft and Automotive Engineering Association (AAEA).

IKEATech, the UK subsidiary of IKEDA, which designs aircraft for commercial and military clients, was also behind the design.

The project is being run by the London-based Aircraft Engineering & Manufacturing Institute, a joint venture between the British company IKEADE and the AAEA.

The AAEAA was formed in 2013, after the British government announced plans to develop a new class of air-to-air missiles to counter the threat from Iran’s nuclear program.