What to know about the A3-T3 T-72M3 main battle tank

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of the T-2 and T-60 tank chassis.

The A3T-72T3 is a tank chassis that was designed for use by the T1 and T2 tank battalions of the 3rd Armored Division, the 4th Armored Division and the 5th Armored Brigade Combat Team.

The tank was designed to operate with a crew of two and have an armored turret that was able to provide an overall protection rating of 3.0 on the KIA-B metric scale.

The tank was first produced in 2011 and is based on the T2-70A main battle chassis, which was also the first of the Soviet main battle tanks to be fielded by the Soviet Union.

It has an overall weight of 2,600 kilograms and a crew weight of 3,000 soldiers.

The T-3 is the T3A1-T6 tank chassis used in the T5 series of tank chassis, the T6M1 tank chassis and the T7 series of main battle armor chassis.

The T3 series is currently used by the 3d Armored Brigade, the 5d Armored Division (now renamed the 5e Armored Brigade), and the 4d Armored Regiment.

The armor of the tank is based around the same T2 chassis that is used in all of the Russian tanks.

The armor consists of the hull and armor plating.

The top of the vehicle is composed of the turret, the roof, and the crew compartment.

The turret is made of a thick carbon fiber armor plate and the turret ring is made from a lightweight aluminum plate.

The crew compartment has a flat roof and a removable crew hatch.

The main armament consists of a 105mm gun, a 25mm howitzer and a 12.7mm howitzers.

The primary gun of the A2-T2 and A3 tanks are the M6 155mm howzers.

The other gun is a 105-mm howzer.

The M6 gun is located on the turret side of the armor and is able to fire from the front, with the turret mounted.

The 105mm howler fires from the side and is equipped with a coaxial machine gun and a 75mm gun.

The howitzer is located in the front and has a coaxially mounted 120mm hower.

The vehicle is powered by an M10 engine with a top speed of 55 km/h and a maximum range of 1,250 kilometers.

It is also equipped with the M1A2 automatic gun.