What’s next in Israeli-US relations

Israeli-American relations are in a new stage of crisis.

The Israeli-led government has rejected the US request for peace talks with the Palestinians, in which the Palestinians would accept Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

It has also cut off ties with the UN and Iran, two allies of the US.

The White House announced on Thursday that it would not be issuing a presidential proclamation for the new year, instead postponing the formal inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Israel is still committed to a two-state solution to the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians and has made a series of commitments, including in recent months to begin building settlements in the West Jerusalem area.

However, in the wake of the White House announcement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that he would not accept a US-led peace initiative and that it was time for Israel to “take a decision to protect our national security”.

Netanyahu has called for a unilateral Israeli withdrawal from the occupied West Bank.