Vintage Aircraft Parts for Sale on eBay UK

Aussie vintage aircraft parts collector has launched an online auction of vintage aircraft components and accessories for sale.

The online auction, which was launched on Wednesday, features vintage aircraft accessories including a ‘Bolt and Socket’ drill and screwdriver, a ‘Knotty’ wrench, a small compass, and a ‘Chord Breaker’ drill.

It was also featured in a YouTube video, in which the collector explains how to remove an old, broken or missing drill.

“A lot of them have been in the past, so I can sell them for a fair price,” he said.

“But I am going to be selling them all in one big pile.”

I have got this collection of everything from an Australian Spitfire to an F6F-4F Supermarine, so that’s pretty impressive.

“The collection includes items like ‘Buck, an air-cooled piston engine’, ‘Annie, a double-headed prop plane’, ‘a broken air-to-air gun’, and ‘a ‘Grizzly’.”

Aircraft parts are like the most valuable things in the world.

They are so versatile and have such a history, and it’s great to have a bunch of them together and try and sell them as one piece,” he explained.”

There’s no real hard sell on anything in my collection, and I am hoping I can get a fair bit of interest.

“The auction is set to run until June 21.