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The United States Air Force has ordered about 2.4 million of the Boeing 737 Max seats, the biggest orders yet, for the 2019-20 fleet.

But it has a problem.

The Air Force says it has limited availability.

It’s not just that there’s a shortage of seats for pilots, it’s that there are so few of them.

Boeing 737Max seats are available on the market at an estimated price of $8,300 per seat.

But there are only about 12 million of them left in the country.

The next-generation 737 MAX seats, with better seats, will be available in 2019.

That’s a lot more seats than the current fleet.

The aircraft’s next generation is a 737 MAX, the 737 MAX with a wider fuselage.

It has larger engines, which allow the 737 Max to travel faster.

The 737 Max has an A380-600 engine, but there are two 737 Max variants that each have a 737 Max engine.

The 787-8 is the same aircraft.

The first 787 Maxs were made by Bombardier, a Canadian manufacturer that has been producing the planes since 2006.

The second version, which Boeing says it will build next year, is the 737Max with a new wing configuration.

The wings have been changed to be wider, which will give the aircraft more takeoff power, according to Boeing.

Boeing has said that it plans to build about 300 of the new 737 Maxs, but it says that only 200 will be ready by the time the fleet is in service in 2019, and that the rest will be made obsolete by the 2020s.

There’s another problem with the 737MAX: The airframe has been designed with more room for fuel.

The new seats will be built with larger seats, which allows them to carry more fuel.

However, Boeing says the new seats are not going to have a fuel tank.

It also says the wings are too wide.

The seats have been designed to fit inside the wings, so the wings need to be adjusted to accommodate the larger seats.

In addition, the wings can’t accommodate the engine, which makes it impossible for the seats to fold up into the fuselage of the aircraft.

So the seats are going to need to stay in the airplane.

This will make the seat much harder to fold down.

And it’s not the only problem.

Boeing says there are no seats in the 737-800 configuration that can fold down because the wings cannot fold down in the same way.

So it’s the seats that are going up in the nose that are not able to fold into the aircraft, and so the seats will need to come off.

The Boeing 737 MAX will be the first of the 737 fleet to be retired from service, and Boeing is replacing it with the 787.

It won’t be the last, either.

Boeing will build 2,000 737 MAXs to replace the old 737 Max fleet.

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