Farmers want to sell off ‘unprofitable’ farm parts,parts

Farmers across the country are seeking to sell some of their agricultural equipment to help the nation’s food supply meet the growing demand for meat, eggs and milk.

But many of them have no clue how to make the cash.

They’re just hoping to save money, said Lisa McAllister, a former federal farm service worker who’s running a crowdfunding campaign to help farmers.

She’s asking supporters to contribute $100 each, or more, to help her sell some farm equipment.

She hopes to get the money by July.

McAllister is using a $10,000 loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which helps low-income farmers and is backed by the U:S.

Chamber of Commerce.

The farm equipment could be used for food, fuel, clothing and household items.

The loan is also tied to the federal crop insurance program.

For example, if she sells a tractor and the buyer is a farmer, the farm would be covered.

If McAllisters equipment fails, she said, it could cause damage to her farm and could end up in the hands of other farmers.

For years, farmers have used their own equipment to produce food and sell it to the U., and McAlliers is trying to change that.

She said she’s trying to create a marketplace that will allow farmers to sell their own products to help meet growing demand.