A&d &g to scrap all 4,000 Boeing 737-800 parts in Minneapolis

The makers of the Boeing 737, which have long been considered a pillar of the airline industry, have decided to scrap parts from all four models of the plane that are used by airlines worldwide.

The decision comes after years of criticism that the parts are being used in parts for aircraft engines that are not used in the aircraft itself.

The move comes as the company faces growing competition from the likes of General Electric and Airbus and a growing shortage of parts.

In a statement Thursday, Boeing said it will discontinue the use of some of its 737 parts in the United States.

The announcement comes as Boeing has been grappling with a shortage of 737 parts, which were used in engines used by Boeing planes such as the 737 MAX.

Boeing’s aircraft parts division has about 4,100 workers on its books.

The company said it expects to spend about $3.5 billion on the 737 parts program over the next three years, including $400 million for new engines, which it expects will be produced in the U.S.

A company spokeswoman said the company expects the 737 replacement parts to be in use for about a decade.

She said the aircraft is expected to be replaced at a cost of $400 per unit.