What we know about the deadly explosion at a Melbourne air traffic control tower that killed six people and injured dozens more last month

The first photos released of the debris-strewn wreckage of a plane that crashed at Melbourne International Airport last month are now making their way around the internet.

Melbourne Airport chief executive Steve McCarter said on Thursday that he has received “a significant number” of images and videos of what investigators believe to be the debris of a Boeing 777.

“I’ve been told by several sources, including one of the first people to receive the photographs that there is a significant amount of debris from that particular aircraft,” Mr McCarter told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“We’re confident that this aircraft is in the right place at the right time.”

The plane that went down at Melbourne Airport last year, in which the bodies of six people were found, was in a “poorly-managed” section of the terminal, which is now being redeveloped.

The airport has been on lockdown for the past two days after investigators found the plane in the debris field.

Police are yet to make an official announcement about the crash, but police say the remains of the plane are in a bag that was brought to the airport by a passenger.