How to stop the Easa’s from going to China

LONDON, ENGLAND—After the Esa’s brand-new Boeing 737 MAX 845 has just returned from its first trip to China, the company is currently in a difficult position.Easa, the British subsidiary of German aerospace company EADS, has been forced to cancel the flights of several Airbus A320neo jets that have been on a trip to the People’sRead More

How to Crossword Solve a Puzzle in 5 Minutes

The game involves a puzzle in which you need to answer a series of questions on the blackboard in order to solve it.You have to figure out what the blackbox means and where it is located, and then find the correct answers.It will also show you a video of the blackcode that must be followedRead More

How to build an airplane with an aluminum frame

Posted October 03, 2018 06:12:38I started building an airplane a couple of years ago with my dad’s money, and it’s never been the same.I’d like to share with you my progress, and what I’ve learned along the way.First, here’s a picture of the plane I built:I have been working on the design since I wasRead More

How to find aircraft parts and parts for free online

How to buy parts online for free.The online auction site is known for its auctions where buyers can sell parts for as little as £4.99, while many of the items have been offered for free for years.The UK’s largest auction house is one of the most popular online auctions and many of its sellers areRead More

How to Get Your Airplanes Parts Parts for $30 on Craigslist

Parts are flying off the assembly line for new, shiny, and rare aircraft parts that might otherwise never see the light of day.That’s right, parts are flying for less than the price of a cheap, off-the-shelf electronic device.That’s according to Aviation Week and Air & Space Technology, which released a study last week looking atRead More