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,easa parts for commercial,airframe parts for rent,parts for sale source GoogleNews (India, UK) title ‘No more’ in India’s airframe industry, says Tata article Tata Motors (India)’s chief executive Ajay Shirke has been speaking about the future of Indian aviation in the wake of the accident in Mumbai.

In a speech to the Tata Sons (TSXV:TAM) Annual General Meeting, Shirke said Tata Motors will be in a better position for the future in India than it was before the disaster.

“No more will Tata Motors be able to compete in the market.

The Tata Motors brand will not be able be bought from other companies,” Shirke was quoted as saying.

The CEO said Tata will focus on the “quality and innovation” of its aircraft parts and services.

“We will concentrate on our aircraft parts business for a long time.

I am confident in that,” Shirkke said.