Which Airplanes do you like best?

The Reddit AMA is a chance for members of the Reddit community to discuss topics with one another in the comments section of a news article.

The subreddit was founded by Redditor “Bartos” back in January of 2018 and is currently the largest and most popular subreddit on the platform.

A recent AMA with the moderator of the subreddit, “Kazu” (aka “Bizarro Bartos”), revealed that he plans to expand the subreddit to include aircraft parts production companies.

“We are already planning to expand into the aircraft parts business as well,” Bartos wrote in the AMA thread.

“As for the airframe part, I think we have a decent business model.

I believe the real question is: will the business take off?

As for our manufacturing, it’s been a bit rocky for us.

But it will take a few more years for the parts to reach our full potential, and I think it will be much more profitable.”

In the AMA, Bartos also revealed that “Kiz” (also known as “Kizzy” in the forum thread) is planning to launch a new aircraft parts store in the coming weeks.

Kiz confirmed the existence of the new store during the AMA session, saying, “We’re going to launch an aircraft parts shop on our own very soon.

We’ll be opening up to the public the next couple weeks.

We’re going in with the goal of making this as simple and easy as possible.”

The shop will be located at the former Aircraft Parts Store in downtown Austin.