What you need to know about airworthiness certificates and airworthiness reviews

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that a pilot must undergo a pre-accreditation course before flying a commercial aircraft.

The FAA says that pilots who are unable to complete the pre-certification training must apply for a commercial pilot licence.

The pre-approval course, however, does not require a pilot to take a preflight inspection and can be completed online.

A pilot can complete the training online through the FAA’s website or with a pilot training centre.

A pilot must complete the first part of the prerequisites, which include a review of the pilot’s medical record, training and experience, before completing the second part of their pre-flight exam.

The pre-prerequisites can be re-evaluated every three years.

A person who wants to fly a commercial jet must complete pre-pilot training to be eligible to fly, which can be done online or with an FAA training centre that can be found online.

The pilot must pass the preflight review and take the FAA airworthiness certification test.

The certification test can be taken at a FAA airframe facility or an airframe testing centre.

The FAA has updated the preapproval certification process for commercial aircraft to ensure that pilots can complete preflight inspections and receive a precertification certificate, the agency said in a news release.