How the Dutch are using drones to hunt down pirates

In July this year, a Dutch drone was deployed on the island of Venda, which is located on the Dutch Atlantic coast.

The drone used in the operation was equipped with an array of infrared sensors and cameras that could scan the surrounding area.

The team of Dutch police and fishermen had been tracking a group of people that were using boats to sneak into the harbour to steal fishing equipment.

They were subsequently forced to abandon their boats and take the drone along with them.

It was only when the police officers took the drone back that the suspects started to attack.

They even took the camera of the drone with them, the police said.

However, the Dutch police officers who were searching the area didn’t know about the drone, and so they couldn’t catch them.

The suspects fled in the boat, but it was only after the police were nearby that they found them.

They took the video footage to their superiors and the Dutch navy, who used the footage to find the suspects.

The Dutch are trying to use drones to help police in other cases, as well as to identify missing people.

A few years ago, the same type of drone was used by police to search a man who was missing for three days.

The search of the area where the man disappeared ended when he was found.

This year, the country’s navy and police launched Operation Marnie, where the drones were used to track boats that had been stolen from the coast.

At the moment, the drone that was used for the operation is still being tested, and a report is due in the coming days.