eBay is offering to sell you a military aircraft stroboscopic eye-lamp

The US Air Force and Marine Corps have recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to buy up surplus military aircraft and refurbish them to show off their skills in a unique, eye-tracking strobe.

While the technology may not be quite as sophisticated as what you might see in sci-fi movies, the strobe eye-scanning technology is still quite unique.

The Air Force is asking for a donation of $25,000, while the Marine Corps is asking $75,000.

The Air Force will then use the money to purchase spare parts, refurbish the aircraft and build a new strobe, the Air Force said in a press release.

The aircraft’s original paintwork has been replaced with military markings.

The new aircraft will have its own hangar and hangar bay, with a new, improved hangar, and new, upgraded equipment for pilots and maintenance personnel, the release said.

The strobe technology will be used to show the pilots and crew of a F-22 Raptor stealth fighter how they fly, the Army said.

The aircraft, which can fly from bases in California to Guam in a matter of minutes, is part of a new generation of air-to-air fighters that will be replacing older fighter jets in the 2020s.

The F-35 is currently the Air Combat Command’s primary fighter jet, but the Marine Corp’s Raptor will also replace the F-16, F-18 and F-117, as well as the F/A-18C Super Hornet.