How to scrap parts for £100,000-worth of U.K. aircraft

The U.S. military is buying hundreds of thousands of parts to build its new fighter jets and bombers, a rare chance to buy parts from an arms manufacturer and a rare opportunity to buy the same parts that U.N. peacekeepers are using for their own vehicles, the U.KS. military said Tuesday.

The U.k.

Ministry of Defence said it will use scrap aircraft components to build two new U.F.O. fighters, the Air Force said.

It is the first time that the U:S.

will have the right to purchase aircraft parts from a foreign country.

It also comes after an investigation last year found that U:N.

agencies had illegally used parts supplied by Britain.

The decision to scrap all parts from the aircrafts was announced Tuesday.

It comes after the U,S.

Department of Defense announced it had sold more than $10 billion worth of weapons and equipment to the United Nations.

That includes an estimated $1.4 billion in arms and ammunition, $400 million in military vehicles and $2.4 million in fighter jets.