FAA calls for more safety precautions for LPG aircraft parts manufacturing company

An FAA report on the LPG Aircraft Parts Manufacturing Company in Northridge, California, released Tuesday says that the company has been unable to make parts that comply with federal safety standards because it was using a different method for manufacturing parts than required by federal safety regulations.

The FAA’s investigation found that the LPDLC used a different type of laser printer to produce its parts and that the laser printer used by the company had not been certified to produce parts that complied with federal standards, according to the FAA’s report.

“These findings demonstrate the importance of LPG’s compliance with the LPA and FAA safety standards,” said FAA Administrator Deborah Parker.

“The LPG Manufacturing Company is a leader in the manufacturing of aircraft parts, which are critical to U.S. defense.

The safety of our aircraft is critical to our nation’s security and safety.”

The FAA found that LPG uses a laser printer that is a critical part of its business, and it has failed to properly certify it as an LPA or FAA approved printer to do so.

LPG, the largest supplier of LPDLs to the U.s. military, has been under scrutiny since January 2017 after the LPLA, or LPG Laser Process Assurance, program was suspended and a new program was established to help the company meet the requirements of the LPM program.

In March, the FAA ordered LPG to cease production of LPLAs.

Federal regulations require that aircraft parts manufactured by a LPG company meet certain safety standards, including being manufactured to Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) standards.

Under FAA regulations, a company that has a manufacturing facility located in the United States must be located within 150 miles of the nearest FAA-certified airfield or facility, and must provide certain documents that demonstrate that the airfield meets FAA safety and other requirements.

At the time the FAA placed the order to suspend production of the products, LPG had only two facilities in the U: a facility in the Chicago area and another in North Carolina.

The FAA also said that in April 2018, LPLMs used at LPG were found to be not complying with federal regulations.

The FAA ordered the company to stop manufacturing LPLs at those facilities.

The LPLMA was created to allow manufacturers of airframe parts to continue to manufacture their parts at a safe and secure location.