Why the FBI is investigating Uber’s alleged role in the UberX murder case

An Uber executive and former Uber executive have been indicted on federal conspiracy charges that could lead to criminal charges against the company’s CEO, Travis Kalanick, as well as several executives and a former top Uber employee.

The indictment, unsealed today, alleges that Uber’s former CEO, Emil Michael, was responsible for the death of an UberX driver in California, which is not a crime under the law.

Michael, who has been a co-defendant in the case, faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

The charges, filed in federal court in San Francisco, are part of a wider probe into Uber by the Justice Department and FBI.

Uber has been under intense scrutiny in recent months, with a series of reports detailing alleged misconduct by its drivers, many of whom are black and Hispanic.

Last month, the company admitted that a driver who was being investigated for a fatal crash in Florida had Uber’s support but declined to provide any details.

The Justice Department has also launched an investigation into Uber’s operations in New York, where Kalanicks wife, Heather, and her husband, Andrew, have been the company CEO.