Which is the better: Boeing 737 Max or Airbus A321neo?

The Airbus A320neo is a very solid plane.

It has a lot of capability and it can fly in the United States.

The 737 Max is a much lighter plane and has a very low weight.

Airbus is building an airplane that can be used in this country, and that airplane will be the one to replace the 737 Max.

That’s what I’m trying to do, because it’s not just a Boeing.

It’s an Airbus, too.

So, I’m going to make the 737 the plane that I know it can be, and the airplane that we’re going to have to have if we’re ever going to build that plane in this nation.

We can’t have the 737 or the A321, and we can’t build a replacement.

We need to have a plane that can fly.

So that’s my objective.

And we’re not going to be able to do that until we have a better airplane that does that job.

(APPLAUSE) So that means the 737 is going to stay on the market for a long time.

That means that we’ll continue to have planes that will fly in this great nation of ours.

But the best way to build those planes is to make sure that they’re made by people that are going to do a better job than anyone else on the planet.

I’m not saying that we don’t have other ways of doing it.

We have other countries that are making airplanes, like the French, that are a lot better than ours.

We’re not a world leader.

But we can be.

And that’s the way to do it.

So this is the airplane I want to have.

I’ve got to make it a Boeing, and I’ve gotta make it one that will do its job.

It’ll do it right.

And when we do that, I want everybody to be very happy.


It’s a great airplane.

(CHEERS) Thank you.

(COMMERCIAL BREAK) (APPLY TO CHANNEL 4) We have an announcement from Boeing that’s going to air tomorrow morning, the company is announcing that they are going back to the original schedule for the 737 MAX.

They’re going back because the 737 can’t fly in all 50 states, and they’re going forward to a new schedule.

That is a huge deal.

And they’re announcing that this schedule is the same as the 737 and will be a new one that’s been developed by Airbus.

And it will have a higher operating weight than the 737.

It will have lower fuel consumption than the 747.

It won’t be as big a plane as the 747, but it will still be a plane.

So we are going from being one of the top-selling planes in the world to having one of our largest airplanes in the country.

And so, we’re pleased to announce that our first airplane, the 737MAX, will be built at our factory in North Charleston, South Carolina, and this is going forward as a new airplane for Boeing.

So you’re going ahead to a brand new airplane.

It is a brand-new airplane.

This is the 737 that we built in 2001 and you’re not supposed to see it, and it’s going forward on a brand name.

But, this is a new plane, so it’s a brand and it is the Boeing 737.

And this is what it looks like.

And, we are very pleased to be announcing that it is now going to become a brand in the U.S. The airplane that was built here at our plant, that’s now going forward, is the new Boeing 737 MAX, which will be delivered by the end of next year.

And the plane will be available in 25 states.

So the whole company is very pleased that it will be in the first market to get it, which is in North Carolina, which has a long history with Boeing.

And if you’re in the middle of a busy airport, the new airplane is going from airport to airport, flying from Boeing’s North Charleston facility to Boeing’s plant in North Augusta, South Georgia.

And these are not small airports.

They have long history.

And in North Georgia, the airport has long history as a major commercial aviation hub, with airlines and international carriers coming here and there.

And now the company’s going back.

And all of us in the aviation community are very happy to see that Boeing is making a new, new airplane that will go on to be a brand for the United State.

And as you’ll hear, Boeing’s first airplane is a major step forward.

And today, we’ve announced that it’s also going to go into production in China.

So now, Boeing is going back into the manufacturing of the new, Boeing 737MAX.

And those two things together will be great for America’s future.

The first airplane that is built by