What is the Lad?

The Lad is a book by the Lad himself.

He wrote it after he had spent a year in a group of pilgrims on a pilgrimage to India.

The Lad was the second to travel to India and recorded what he saw there.

He was also a traveller.

He died in 1638, but it was only after the First World War that he was re-examined.

The Lad, in a letter to his brother, was very religious.

He believed that the only way to be good was to follow the teachings of the Buddha.

The story goes that the Lad had just reached India and he saw a temple that he wanted to visit.

He walked into the temple and was shocked by what he found.

He came to realise that it was actually a place of worship.

The monks there were all very good people, but there was nothing about the life of the people there that appealed to him.

He thought the life was just too ordinary and he decided to leave.

The next year, he returned to India, but this time to make amends for the past.

He travelled to the south Indian city of Gwalior, where he found the same place where he had seen the temple.

It was now a temple of worship to the Buddha and he realised he was not welcome there.

In the year following his visit to Gwalor, the monks of the temple were moved by the fact that they were now surrounded by the same people that the people of the monastery had seen in Gwaloria.

The men of the village had gone back to their villages, where they had gathered.

They decided that they wanted to be part of the new life that the monks had found.

So, they took the monks away and started a new life in India.

They renamed the new monastery the Lads Monastery.

The name stuck and people in the village began to call it Lads.

Today, there are several Lads in the Lods village, including a small temple and a large temple.

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