Airplane Parts Fort Worth, FL, is closing its doors for good

Fort Worth’s Airplane parts store Jacksonville has shut its doors after two years of operation.

The Fort Worth Business Journal reported that the store, which has been open for more than a decade, closed on February 27.

The news was first reported by the website WTF News.

“We’re sad to say that we are shutting down,” a spokesperson for the store told the website.

“It’s been a very busy time for us, with a lot of exciting things happening at the store.”

The store was originally opened by Mike Boudreaux in 2004.

Boudreault was a lifelong Fort Worth resident, and worked in the shop from 2004 to 2018.

He told The Associated Press in 2016 that he was inspired to open a shop after witnessing the devastation in Iraq.

He opened the shop with the intention of providing a good service to people who had lost loved ones to war.

Boudres work was featured in a 2014 documentary, “Boudres Pain.”

He said he learned a lot about life from people in Iraq who lost their families and loved ones.

“I learned so much about their lives.

I learned about the lives they had,” Boudret said in the documentary.

“I learned a whole lot about their families, their pain, their hardships, their suffering.”

Fort Worth is the third city in Texas to close its air parts stores in recent years.

In September 2016, Fort Worth closed its last air parts store in its history, The Express-News reported.

Fort Worth Mayor Steve Adler has also expressed his disappointment over the store’s closure, saying that it was time to look at other options for the city.

“It’s not good for us,” Adler said.

“Our community has been hit hard by the war, and we need to be able to get through it together.”

The Fort Wayne Police Department has closed its Airparts store in the city of Fort Wayne.

The department said in a statement that the city had not received any complaints regarding the store since it opened in 2015.