When the TSA wants to keep you in your seat

Posted February 15, 2020 09:24:06 TSA has decided to go with an alternate method of dealing with passengers with dislocated shoulder joints.

“Our current solution is to place a piece of equipment in front of the shoulder to help prevent shoulder joint dislocations,” a TSA spokesperson said in a statement.

But there’s one problem: that piece of gear isn’t designed for that purpose.

The TSA spokesperson says it is designed to replace a portion of a standard shoulder harness, which can only be used for the safety of passengers.

That means the new device will only work on the shoulder harness that has been removed, and it will only be in use with that shoulder harness.

The spokesperson says the replacement shoulder harness is still under review.

The TSA has a number of other measures in place to keep passengers safe on airplanes, including new “security-oriented” passenger body scanners.

TSA’s new device, however, is designed specifically to help passengers with the shoulder joint.

This new device is designed for use with a shoulder harness removed, it will not be used with a new shoulder harnessThe TSA spokesperson also said the new shoulder-strapping equipment will not replace the shoulder-belt that the TSA has been using for more than a decade.

You can read more about the new TSA-issued shoulder harness here.