Which parts manufacturers are in trouble and what do they need to fix?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Tuesday it is working with aerospace and manufacturing companies to address concerns that parts manufacturing and spare parts are at risk of falling into a “critical” category.

The agency said it has identified several “critical areas” of concern.

“While we recognize that our response is not perfect, we are committed to continuing to work with our suppliers, partners and industry partners to improve the safety and security of the aviation industry and our customers,” said FAA spokesperson Melissa O’Neill.

“We are actively seeking information on what has caused this problem.”

Air Canada says the company has been able to provide the information requested.

“Our goal is to provide as much information as possible, and to be transparent with our customers and the public about what we are doing to improve our supply chain and how we are addressing our supplier and partner issues,” the company said in a statement.

Federal Aviation Secretary Harjit Sajjan has also been meeting with manufacturers to discuss safety issues.

“It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the fact that there are more people out there than just the airlines, and we need to ensure that the safety of all the aviation systems is a priority,” he said in an interview Tuesday.

Air Canada said it expects to start work on a new, safer and more reliable fleet in the next two to three weeks.