How to sell military aircraft to the military

A military sales company is selling old military aircraft pieces to the U.S. government.

The Federal Aviation Administration says the parts company, Clark Aircraft, is one of four that have been ordered by the Department of Defense for the Air Force’s new fleet of F-35 Lightning II fighters.

Clark, which also supplies aircraft parts to the National Guard, is the only one of the four firms authorized to sell the aircraft parts.

The company’s website shows a picture of a Boeing F-15E fighter jet with the caption, “It’s not a big deal, it’s just an aircraft.”

Clark has been ordered to sell a total of 18,000 F-16 and F-22 fighter jets to the Pentagon, but only 15,000 of them will be used for combat operations.

The F-17A Super Tucano is used by the Navy for training purposes, while the F-18 Hornet is used to conduct air strikes against the Taliban and ISIS targets.

The government has said the planes will not be used as weapons and will be converted to carry bombs, missiles and other weapons.

But the company says it is a good use of the funds to ensure the military’s safety.

“The F-4 Phantom II will be in the fleet as part of the new aircraft.

This will be a great boon to the Department and its allies in the Middle East,” said Paul Schuster, Clack’s CEO, in a statement.

“These aircraft are used for training, and it’s not just the military, but our allies in Iraq and Afghanistan too, and the State Department.”

The FAA said in a press release that the parts are for use in the military and will not become surplus.

“Clark Aircraft’s use of these parts will help ensure that we can meet our mission to defend our nation’s airways and airspace from threats,” said FAA Administrator Michael Huerta in a written statement.

Clack has been selling its F-series aircraft for years, according to its website.

In 2011, the company said it had sold about 11,000 aircraft, which included F-117, F-14 Tomcat and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet.

The Air Force, the Department on a budget of about $4 billion, is expected to purchase 4,800 F-3 fighters and 1,800 Boeing Super Hornets.