Aircraft Parts for Sale on eBay: Boneyard Parts for sale

Aircraft parts are often used in aircraft as well as on cars, trucks, trains, buses and other transportation vehicles.They are also commonly found in the homes of homebuilders and are sometimes used in industrial products.Boneyard woodwork and structural parts can be bought on the internet as well.But many of the parts on eBay are oftenRead More

Why the Air Force Should Abandon Its Warplane Program

A former F-35 pilot who flew one of the planes in the Air National Guard’s warplane program is now criticizing the military for scrapping its fighter jet program, citing a lack of funding and concerns over a lack a replacement aircraft.“The F-22 program is in a really bad spot,” Mike Davis told National Review Online.“It’sRead More

What is barnstormers?

In the late 2000s, the makers of the popular barnstormer had been making custom-built planes for hobbyists.But they were becoming more expensive than what hobbyists were willing to spend for their planes, so the company changed direction and began selling them at a much lower price point.Today, you can get the new models for $400Read More

Trump fires FBI director over Comey’s memo on Russia

Trump fired FBI Director James Comey on Monday, firing the former FBI director in a sweeping shake-up that includes the dismissal of career prosecutors, the appointment of a special prosecutor and the hiring of an independent prosecutor.President Trump’s move came after Comey testified that the president asked him to end the FBI’s investigation into hisRead More

How to save money on Janitrol Air-HEater Parts

A DIY air-heater part that’s been around for decades is now becoming obsolete.The Janitroll-A-Rite Air-Heater Parts kit includes everything you need to build a modern, modern air-conditioning system, complete with a large-capacity radiator and a pump.The Janutrol Air Heater Parts are an all-in-one, low-cost, and efficient air-cooled heating and air conditioning solution.The kits come inRead More